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About The Project

The Georgia Avenue Window Walk is a community project that will improve the look of the lower Georgia Avenue Corridor by installing artwork on the outside of vacant properties.  This temporary public art project will consist of visual arts installations by local artists and educational organizations. The projects on display will tie back to the Georgia Avenue community or its history in some way.  We are beginning with a pilot installation at 2702 Georgia Avenue which will be the basis for a larger proposal to a DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities grant.


  • Improve the look of Georgia Avenue, attracting better retail
  • Connect residents to historical and cultural aspects of Georgia Avenue
  • Provide local artists with an opportunity for exposure
  • Engage community members in a process resulting in positive change
  • Attract visitors to the area to dine and shop at the existing businesses

An open call to artists is planned for July 18th requesting proposals for the property at 2702 Georgia Avenue, which we have the owner’s permission to use.  Artists can attend an orientation session before submitting proposals which are due by August 29th.  The selection process will be a community event at which the property owner, working group and residents will evaluate the artist.  The installation will be complete by October 15th, which coincides with the Georgia Avenue/Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail Launch event.

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